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Get Started with Your Online Business [part 2]

03 Sep,10

5. Make website that best present Your Business

Making it as convenient as possible for your visitors to understand your business value. At least there should be an easy access page to say what you are doing or your business value to them. Graphical work best. ;)

6. Get Noticed

Have you heard of Google? Bing? Yahoo? These are names we all use. For that reason they are one of the most important identities on the web. Just as we rely on search engines to find a restaurant, movie or electrician, people wanting print or embroidery will also use search engines to find a supplier. To gain exposure for your website, you'll need to ensure your website has been optimized with keywords and linked to other local directories.

7. Invite Customers to Your Store

Your existing customers are the most likely people to visit your new website. Make sure they are aware of the site. Put the website address on all your business stationery, signage and brochures. It's also a good idea to send your customers an email of a promotion that is only available online to drive more traffic to your site. You can also inform your local network of friends and acquaintances through popular social network like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

8. Give your website the attention it deserves

A website is only as good as the time you put into it. Your website needs to have up to date information, fresh content and become an excellent representation of your company. Ensure you have someone in the company who will be responsible for monitoring and keeping the website up to date. This one of the most failure of website owner out there. Don't let it replay to you!


Those are all important issues worth to be considering with your website but not all. Hope it help you get a better picture of how the online business running. Thank you for reading and See you next time!

Get Started with Your Online Business [part 1]

05 Jul,10

8 important factors for a successful online business

If you would like to start your online business, here are somethings to be considered.

1. Decide what to do

Just a general business, you need to know what business you are in. Retailing, Advertising, Consultantcy, etc. There are specific marketing strategies for each business you are in.

2. Choose the Best Domain Name for your e

Research what domain names are available to represent your business. You may choose a .com for a more international target or specfic your geographical area - For example: .co.th, .co.uk, .com.au, etc.

3. Setup your banking to accept online purchases

Just be prepared for the payment, these are a few to be considered regard of online payment.

  • A Payment gateway to allow payments from your website (PayPal and Paysbuy are free and commonly used, there are other ones also available)
  • An internet Merchant bank account to accept payments from credit cards. Authoriz.net, Kasikorn Bank, etc
  • An SSL certificate to encrypt and secure the customer data.

4. Create website that most suit your business.

Your website is often the first representation of your online business that a customer will see. It's important that is represents you very well! Osaly always put this as a high priority to our client as it is very much related to the success of the business


Hope you are all enjoy it.

Let's continue on the last 4 factors next time. :)

Osaly website renovated, Hello (again)

24 May,10

Firstly, Thank you for your visiting and reading our blog.

It had been a while from our last update to our website.
We have been through many interesting projects and opportunity.

We realized that we should be more active to provide an updated informaiton to our visitors.
This blog feature is the result from this awareness.

There are many change and improvement to our team.
We have professionals join us lately to help strengthen our service.

We will continue our hard work to prove our believe
"Internet can be a serious and big business and open to any body with an idea and dedication".

Please do visit us regualry for more interesting blog to come.

See you next time!

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